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Olympus RS-27H Transcription Foot Pedal

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The footswitch is offered as a replacement footswitch for the one supplied with the AS-2300, AS-2400, AS-4000 or AS-5000 Transcription Kits. Or use the RS-27H to enjoy hands-free dictation.

Olympus RS-27H Transcription Foot Pedal

The Olympus RS-27H Transcription Foot Pedal is the original manufacturer transcription footpedal supplied with most Olympus transcription kits.  This foot pedal is necessary if you have an older model RS-23 or RS-25 transcription pedal, and have upgraded your computer to a Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 system.

You can also use the Olympus RS-27H Transcription Foot Pedal for hands free dictation.  Simply plug the footpedal into the back of your docking cradle for your Olympus DS-9500, or DS-9000 and you can now use the pedal to start and stop recording, as well as FF/RW functions.

The Olympus RS-27 Transcription Foot Pedal does not come with DSS Player software required to utilize this transcription foot pedal.. If you need DSS software with footswitch functionality, purchase the AS-9000 Transcription kit which contains the latest version of the DSS software that has footpedal functionality.