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Philips SpeechMike Premium -LFH3500 Push Button with Dragon Rating, Programmable Buttons & Studio-Quality Mic

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The Philips SpeechMike Premium -LFH3500. Highest Dragon rating ever. Programmable buttons.

Philips SpeechMike Premium -LFH3500 Push Button

  • Economical, push button design

  • Best in class recording

  • Free floating studio quality microphone

  • Noise filter with optimized grill

  • Motion sensing activation

    • When placed on a surface, the Philips SpeechMike Premium -LFH3500 mutes, when picked up, it activates.
    • Perfect for speech recognition applications
  • Antimicrobial Construction

    • The housing and buttons of the SpeechMike Premium are made of antimicrobial synthetics, guarding against germs.
  • Plug and Play Compatibility

    • Philips SpeechMike Premium -LFH3500 is fully backwards compatible with earlier versions.
    • Windows, Mac, Citrix, and Terminal Server compatible.


1.Β  New Ergonomics – New pearl-metal colored polished casing and buttons along with doubled-wall thickness in vulnerable areas, ensures durability while preventing unwanted operational noises.

2. Wing Shaped Buttons – Now with separating ribs, the new button design will assist with blind operation.

3. Scroll Wheel Functions – Configurable scroll wheel function

4. New Professional Microphone – Designed around professional studio technical standards, the new precision unidirectional studio-quality microphone offers crystal clear audio recording.

5. New Microphone Suspension – Free floating and decoupled from housing microphone helps eliminate touch and click noises for improved clarity.

6. Optimized Metal Microphone Grille – The new hexagonal grille design offers 10% more open space than round holes.

7. Integrated Noise & Pop Filters – Reduces disturbing background noise to a minimum.

8. Additional Function Buttons – Now with 4 Programmable Function buttons for personalized working.

9. Instruction Key – New programmable button offers more flexibility for speech recognition commands.

10. Integrated Motion Sensor – Can be used to avoid unintended recordings and offers additional flexibility when used with speech recognition.

11. Antimicrobial buttons – In addition to the casing, the buttons are now also antimicrobial.

12. Wear-free slide switch position detection – Metalized slider with convenient soft ribs offers a Million fold proven solution for an extra-long lifetime.

13. Larger speaker area – Provides clear and crisp audio playback.

14. Self-cleaning Stainless Steel trackball – This laser scanned, self-cleaning trackball design with dust and dirt skimmer guarantees a smooth operation over the entire lifetime.