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VEC Infinity Footpedal USB INUSB3

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The VEC Infinity Footpedal USB INUSB3 for use with transcription software programs.

The re-sculpted contour of the new VEC Infinity Footpedal USB INUSB3 is molded with a sleek low profile and wider flare at the base of the foot pedal, offering greater flexibility in foot size and foot movement.  This replaces the previous Infinity IN-USB-2 and is compatible with all of the same programs as the IN-USB2

The Infinity USB transcription Foot Control VEC INUSB3 can be used with popular transcription software programs, such as Express Scribe, Crescendo, Winscribe, GearPlayer, Start Stop, CyberTranscriber, DocQscribe, FutureNet, iPlayer, RapidText, ByteScribe, FTR Gold, Transcription Buddy, VoiceIQ, WebCorrect and Liberty Court Player. Sturdy construction provides years of dependable service. (The newest version of Express Scribe for the Mac will work with this footswitch!)

NOTE: Olympus, Philips and Sony transcription software requires the use of footpedals from those manufacturers. This footpedal does not include transcription software.

About the manufacturer of the Infinity USB transcription Footpedal VEC INUSB3

The VEC Corporation makes the most popular and durable transcription footpedals on the market today. Designed to withstand tens of thousands of foot presses, these will last for years under heavy use.

The VEC replacement transcription foot pedals are offered with most plug configurations to work with almost any brand of digital, microcassette or mini cassette transcribers or transcription machines.

The pedal configuration on the infintiy transcription footpedals is ergonomically designed for ease of transition from switch to switch. Moving from Play/Stop to Fast forward or Rewind is natural and reduces errors.

You can rest assured of the quality and comfort of use of VEC foot pedals just like millions before you have done.