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Professional Olympus Dictation Recorders – DS Series

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USB cable file transfer

WiFi - send voice files from anywhere instantly

Docking Cradle / USB cable file transfer

$49 remote installation

Ongoing per incident support fees

Installation & Lifetime Support


Installation & Lifetime Support


USB Cable PC ConnectionFull Function Download / Charging CradleDownload / Charging Cradle
Plastic Bodied ConstructionMetal Framed ConstructionMetal Framed Construction
Push Button ControlErgonomic Slide Switch ControlSlide Switch Control

DSS Player Standard Software

O.D.M.S - V7 Dictation Management SystemO.D.M.S - V6 DSS Player Pro Software
Monochromatic LCD Screen

Full Color LCD Screen

Full Color LCD Screen


Easy to use. Easier to be productive. American Dictation offers the full line of professional Professional Olympus Dictation Recorders.

For years, Olympus has dominated the handheld voice recorder market due to its continued innovation, dependability, and quality. For offices of one to hundreds, Olympus can make your team exceed expectations.

The flagship of the Olympus DS Recorder line are the new Olympus DS-9500 which can send voice files using a WiFi signal instead of a computer.

Professional Olympus Dictation Recorders in a nutshell

There are essentially three Olympus Digital Dictation recorders to consider as seen above..  If you are more than an occasional user, we can narrow that down to two.  The Olympus DS-9500 digital dictation recorder and the Olympus DS-7000 digital dictation recorder.  Here is a quick overview of the differences.

  • The Olympus DS-9500 has built in WiFi file sending capability

A first for Olympus, The DS-9500 digital dictation recorder combines all of the most loved features of the DS-7000 along with a shock proof case and WiFi capability. The convenience of sending voice files without connecting to a computer or LAN docking cradle cannot be overstated and is truly a game changer.

  • The Olympus DS-9500 can record in stereo MP3 making it an ideal conference recorder.

Users no longer need a separate recording device to accurately capture interviews, depositions, and family patient encounters.  The ability to record in stereo MP3 allows the transcriptionist or secretary to easily listen to each channel separately to assure 100% accurate documents. This feature, usually reserved for high end court reporting systems, is sure to be a favorite of users from almost any profession.

  • The Olympus DS-7000 is a reliable workhorse at an affordable price point.

The Olympus DS-7000 has been sold by the thousands and, like most Olympus products, is virtually trouble free. If you operate in a networked office environment, and don’t need to send files from remote locations, the DS-7000 is for you.

85% of our customers choose the DS-9500.  The extra one time cost of $100 is far outweighed by the years of frustration free productivity you will receive.

This is not us trying to up-sell you.  We support what we sell and we genuinely want you to be happy with your purchase.  Fielding technical support calls from customers who purchased the wrong equipment is expensive and frustrating for all involved.  We believe in getting it right the first time.


O.D.M.S (DSS Player Pro) Software

Included with each recorder is the New Olympus Dictation Management Software (ODMS). Easy to configure, the software allows you to quickly download and send your dictation to the appropriate transcription destination, whether in the next office or the next continent. Citrix, email and FTP capabilities built right in.



A Complete System

The Olympus Professional Dictation line-up includes both recording devices and transcription kits. For maximum compatibility, security and flexibility, transcriptionists should use the Olympus AS-9000 Transcription Kit.