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Conference Table Microphone VEC CM-1000 - Omni-Directional 360° Meeting Recording Mic

The Conference Table Microphone VEC CM-1000 is the answer to portable microphone excellence.
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Conference Table Microphone VEC CM-1000

The Conference Table Microphone VEC CM-1000 is a game-changer for your digital voice recorder.

A pocket-sized omni-directional microphone is a perfect answer to the flawless transfer of sound for the recording of meetings, conferences, depositions, lectures, and more! It is truly an essential ingredient to your next significant business meeting.

Can be Daisy-Chained together to expand the capabilities of any digital voice recorder into an affordable, low-cost conference recording kit.


  • Excellent audio clarity
  • Full 360-degree omni-directional
  • Built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Great for portable recording devices
  • 5 Foot Cord
  • Can be daisy chained together to increase range
  • Standard 3.5mm plug to fit most recording devices


Type Omni-Directional
Microphone Noise Reduction
Cord Length 5 feet

About VEC

VEC Electronics Corporation was founded in 1982, with the goal of developing a business solely on the provision of dictation and transcription accessories.  Almost 30 years later VEC Electronics still occupies a unique niche within the industry, providing our customers with viable alternatives that allow them the highest quality dictation and transcription products at the lowest cost.  This is our commitment.

Offering a variety of accessories to our customers including headsets, foot controls, telephone recording devices, microphones, cassettes, plug adapters, power supplies, and voice input stations, VEC Electronics has strived to develop a line of dictation and transcription accessories that meet and exceed our customers’ standards.  All of our accessories both analog or digital are engineered to VEC’s highly rigid standards.

Generated through word of mouth, contacts, long-standing relationships with various customers and referrals are the key source to VEC’s success.