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Olympus RecMic II Microphone RM- 4015P with 8GB Internal Memory

The brand new desktop dictation and speech recognition microphone, the RecMic II 4015P from Olympus has harnessed all sound reproducing technology available to deliver exceptional accuracy with any speech recognition application.
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Olympus RecMic II Microphone RM- 4015P

Dual microphones pinpoint the direction of your voice to block out unwanted background noise that in the past has affected accuracy and resulted in lost productivity due to corrections and vocabulary training.

A triple layer studio quality filter further blocks no verbal sounds such as breath noise.  The intelligence built into the microphones eliminates all sounds that occur outside of the frequency range of the human voice.  Such a simple concept, combined with futuristic technology dramatically increases accuracy.


  • Intelligent dual microphones suppress unwanted background noise
  • Triple-layer sound studio pop filter blocks mouth noise
  • Antimicrobial housing keeps equipment hygienic
  • Microphone stand offers optimal hands-free dictation
  • Trackball for improved navigation
  • Smooth UV coating and silent buttons to reduce touch noise
  • 8GB Internal Memory

First-in-class technology allows full portability of speech recognition user profiles for seamless accuracy while using multiple workstations.


Dual microphone technology creates narrow directionality that focuses on the acoustics in front of the microphone and suppresses unwanted noise from the sides and back.


The triple-layer pop filter uses the same technology found in professional studio recording microphones to block unwanted but difficult-to-eliminate sounds such as breath and wind vibrations.


The housing and buttons on every RecMic II are made of antimicrobial coating materials (ISO 22196). The "tolerance to alcohol" design allows for superior cleanability.


The RecMic II is easily configurable with third-party applications including web applications without having Olympus software running, and can be used as a USB Keyboard for easy control simply by changing modes.


  • Overall frequency response:¬†200 - 9,000Hz
  • Microphone sensitivity:¬†-39dBV
  • Microphone sensitivity difference:¬†Conference:¬†0dB;¬†Dictation:¬†-12dB;¬†Voice Recognition: -18dB;¬†Variable:¬†-7 to -56.5dB
  • Maximum output:¬†350mW
  • Microphone/speaker diameter:¬†8mm/28mm
  • Power consumption (current):¬†Standard mode:¬†278mA or less;¬†Low power mode:¬†80mA or less
  • Input level:¬†+86dBSPL(-48dBv)
  • Includes:¬†Microphone Stand
  • Operating systems:¬†Windows:¬†Windows Vista/7/8.1/10;¬†Mac:¬†Mac OS X 10.5ÔĹě10.12
  • RecMic configuration tool
  • Cable length:¬†2.5m
  • Dimensions:¬†171ÔĹė43.2ÔĹė32mm
  • Weight:¬†185g