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Olympus ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone with Unidirectional Pick Up and Durable Metal Construction

Directional microphone for use with any digital recorder when you want to pick up sound from a distant source such as a podium.
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Olympus ME-31

Enhance your audio recording experience with the Olympus ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone. Designed with a directional pick-up pattern, this microphone effectively minimizes interference from surrounding sound sources, allowing you to capture clear and focused recordings. Whether you are recording a keynote speaker at a conference or capturing the sound from a podium, the ME-31 is the ideal companion for your recording needs.

Featuring a durable metal construction, the ME-31 ensures long-lasting performance even in demanding recording environments. The included windscreen effectively reduces wind noise, enabling you to produce professional-quality recordings in any outdoor setting.

Elevate your recording capabilities with the Olympus ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone. Experience the following key features and benefits:

  • Directional pick-up pattern for precise audio capture
  • Durable metal construction for long-lasting performance

With a frequency response of 70 dB @ 15,000 Hz and a sensitivity of -32.5 dB ± 4 dB, the ME-31 delivers exceptional sound quality across a wide range of frequencies. The plug-in-power system allows for versatility in power supply, ranging from 1.5 V to 5 V. The 3.5 mm gold-plated 3-prong monaural plug ensures a secure and reliable connection. Measuring .83 in (21 mm) x 6.10 in (155 mm) with a cord length of 1.5 m / 59 in, the ME-31 is compact and easy to carry. Additionally, the microphone comes with a windscreen, grip, stand, stand adapter, and case.

Elevate your audio recordings to new heights with the Olympus ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone. Whether you are a professional broadcaster, videographer, or simply a passionate content creator, the ME-31 will exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptional audio quality.