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Olympus ME-33 Boundary Microphone - Clear Recording in Large Rooms

Capture Meetings and Conferences with Crystal Clear Sound.
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Olympus ME-33 Boundary Microphone

The Olympus ME-33 Boundary Microphone is a cutting-edge solution for capturing high-quality sound in conference rooms and meeting spaces. With its advanced omnidirectional technology, this microphone ensures that every voice is picked up clearly and accurately, even in large rooms with multiple attendees.

One of the key features of the Olympus ME-33 is its superior sound quality. By automatically eliminating any unwanted high- and low-frequency sounds, this microphone consistently delivers crystal-clear audio recordings, making it ideal for important meetings and conference calls.

Another standout feature of the ME-33 is its scalability. With the ability to connect multiple microphones, you can expand its recording capabilities. Add up to six units for stereo recording or three units for monaural recording, allowing you to capture audio from different angles and ensure excellent coverage in any situation.

The Olympus ME-33 combines powerful performance with intuitive design. Its sleek and compact form factor makes it easy to position anywhere in the room, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability. Whether you're conducting a business meeting or an important conference call, this microphone is built to meet the demands of professional use.


  • Directionality: Omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity: -35dB at 1kHz (0dB=1V/Pa)
  • Frequency response: 70-10,000Hz
  • Microphone signal-to-noise ratio: More than 60dB
  • Cascade connection: Yes

Invest in the Olympus ME-33 Boundary Conference Microphone and take your meetings and conference calls to the next level. With its exceptional sound capture capabilities, scalability, and impressive specifications, this microphone is the perfect solution for professional audio recording.