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Olympus Transcription Module Software - ODMS AS-9002

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New Olympus Release 7 Transcription Module -ODMS (Olympus Dictation Management System) has arrived. Upgrade to the latest today!

Olympus Transcription Module Software - ODMS AS-9002

Olympus Transcription  Software  is the latest version of the DSS Player Pro software from Industry leading Olympus.  Windows and Mac compatibility, as well as direct integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software.  Upgrade from release 5 and 6 to Olympus Transcription Module Software - ODMS AS-9002 and unlock the power.

Features of Olympus Transcription Module Software - ODMS

Olympus Transcription Module Features for PC

  • Simple, yet familiar interface make ODMS an easy upgrade with little to no learning curve
  • Notification when new dictation is received
  • Foot pedal configuration using the ODMS software
  • Receive dictations via Network Mapping, FTP, or email.
  • 256 bit encryption for HIPAA compliance
  • Front or back end speech recognition capability using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Olympus Transcription Module for Mac

  • Simple interface
  • Automatic download of dictations when device is docked or connected
  • Receive dictations via network mapping
  • Transfer of completed dictations via network mapping

This Olympus transcription software is needed to upgrade to be compatible with Windows, 7, 8, 10 and 11.  As long as you have an RS-27 or RS-31 transcription footpedal, this is all you need to upgrade.  It will work fine with previous versions of DSS player pro dictation software.

If you need to operate in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment, you will need the ODMS Admin disk as well as a multi user license.