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OM System

OM System (Formerly Olympus) ODMS Cloud one year license.

OM System (Formerly Olympus) ODMS Cloud one year license is a complete, secure cloud bases dictation and transcription routing and management solution.
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OM System (Formerly Olympus) ODMS Cloud one year license.

New cloud solution for either dictation module or transcription module.

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Direct Upload to the Cloud for Seamless Collaboration

Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency with the OM System ODMS Cloud.

Image of the ODMS Cloud dictation screen

Gain instant access to recordings, enabling real-time collaboration and efficient task delegation. With information such as Author Worktype IDs automatically added to files upon upload, managing assignments becomes a breeze. Assign or re-assign tasks directly on the cloud service, ensuring efficient turnaround with transcription.

Image of the ODSM Dictation Cloud solution dictation screen

Monitor upload status effortlessly, whether recordings are currently being transcribed, pending, or completed. Streamline management by filtering files based on their status, facilitating organized workflow and enhanced productivity.

Image of the ODSM Dictation Cloud solution dictation screen

Smart Recording for Enhanced Functionality

The ODMS Cloud smart dictation app offers unparalleled features not typically found elsewhere. From recording and editing capabilities to unique functionalities like inserting index marks for important sections and adding text comments, it's a game-changer in dictation management.

Also, you can enjoy simplicity and full functionality with the ODMS Smartphone app. Record, playback, fast forward, and rewind with ease, while monitoring sound levels via the live recording bar. The Voice Command Voice Activation (VCVA) function automatically pauses recording during quiet intervals, optimizing space and file size for enhanced efficiency.

Benefit from extensive playback support for a variety of file formats, including DS2, DSS, WAV, and MP3, ensuring compatibility with diverse recording preferences. Whether encrypted or unencrypted, access and review your audio files seamlessly, enhancing flexibility and convenience in dictation management.

Experience the future of dictation technology with OM System's ODMS Cloud one-year license feature. Elevate collaboration, streamline workflow, and unlock new levels of productivity today.

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