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Philips LFH 334 Transcription Headset LFH0334 - Lightweight Stereo PC Headset with 10' Cord

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Philips LFH 334

The Philips Philips LFH 334 Transcription Headset (LFH0334) is the perfect companion for all your transcription needs. This premium stereo headset is designed to provide exceptional sound quality and comfort, ensuring a seamless audio experience.

Featuring a lightweight design, the Philips Transcription Headset LFH0334 offers long-lasting comfort even during prolonged use. The under-the-chin style ensures a secure and comfortable fit for all ears, making it an ideal choice for professionals who rely on accurate and reliable audio reproduction.

One of the key features of the Philips Transcription Headset LFH0334 is its compatibility with any brand transcription kit or software. Whether you are using a Philips transcription kit or a different brand, this headset seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.

Another standout feature is the 14 mm speaker driver, which optimizes the audio quality for clear, crisp sound reproduction. The neodymium magnet further enhances sensitivity and sound quality, ensuring every word is heard with utmost clarity.

This transcription headset also offers practicality and convenience with its 10-foot cable. This generous cable length gives you the freedom to move around your work area without the need to remove your headset, providing flexibility and ease while transcribing.

When it comes to specifications, the Philips Transcription Headset LFH0334 delivers impressive performance. With an impedance of 2 x 32 Ohm, a sensitivity of 103 dB, and a maximum power of 20 mW, this headset is built to deliver optimal voice reproduction.

In summary, the Philips Transcription Headset LFH0334 combines exceptional sound quality, comfort, and compatibility, making it the perfect choice for transcription professionals. Experience the difference with this top-notch headset and elevate your transcription workflow to new heights.

  • In-the-Ear, open air, dynamic type
  • Optimized for voice reproduction
  • Output Plug Type: 3.5 mini-plug (Stereo)
  • Earphone Cord: 3 m (10.4 feet) length