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Spectra Transcription Headset (Mono) - Lightweight Under Chin Headset with 3.5mm Plug

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Spectra Transcription Headset (Mono)

Spectra Transcription Headset.  Under chin lightweight transcription headset with 3.5mm right-angle plug. 5′ cord.

Spectra Mono Transcription Headset

The most popular replacement transcription headset ever made, the Spectra Transcription Headset by VEC.

This venerable model is compatible with all transcription kits and transcribers using a standard 3.5mm input jack. This is the green jack on nearly every computer ever made.

About the manufacturer of the Spectra Transcription Headset

The VEC Corporation makes the most comfortable and durable transcription headsets on the market today.With models ranging from under the chin U-Bow style, Spectra transcription headsets, and stethoscopes style headsets, they offer headsets that will suit every transcriptionist with plugs that will fit almost any machine.

Whether you need a dual pronged Dictaphone style plug, a multi-pin Philips - Norelco plug, a USB connection, or standard 3.5 mm computer input plug, we have the transcription headset for you.

Use what the professional transcriptionists have known to be the best quality transcription headsets for years. Light weight, comfortable, and with the highest sound reproduction qualities all at a price that is nearly impossible to beat.

Using a designated transcription headset is very important since they are designed to reproduce the audio created from dictation devices recording voices. They are very different from a music headset.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of any of these headsets with your particular transcription machine, please do not hesitate to call the experts at American Dictation at 1-866-408-1383.

Ultra-lightweight headset, only 1 oz. Domed directional sound chambers are sensitive to the contour of any ear. Provides hours of comfort and pristine clarity. Comes with a personal black, velvet like drawstring pouch. 5' cord.