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Telephone Recording Adapter VEC TRX-2035B for Digital Voice Recorders

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VEC TRX-2035B 

The Telephone Recording Adapter VEC TRX-2035B is the ultimate accessory for anyone in need of recording important phone conversations. With its lightweight and compact design, this adapter provides the flexibility you need to capture two-way telephone communication on any phone using a digital voice recorder.

  • Effortless Recording: The Telephone Recording Adapter VEC TRX-2035B seamlessly connects to any single or multi-line modular telephone. Simply attach it to your phone base and headset, and you'll be ready to capture crystal-clear audio.
  • Easy Integration: This adapter interfaces with your digital voice recorder using a separate audio cord that plugs into the microphone jack, allowing you to effortlessly record both sides of the conversation.

Whether you're conducting an important business call or need to keep a record of a personal conversation, the Telephone Recording Adapter VEC TRX-2035B is the perfect tool. With its compatibility and ease of use, you can trust it to deliver accurate and high-quality recordings every time.

Designed specifically for digital voice recorders, the TRX-2035B is a reliable and efficient solution. It plugs into the microphone jack of your voice recorder with a 3.5 mm plug, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

Additionally, the TRX-2035B has another functionality. It can be used for rerecording dictation to your transcribing machine. By connecting your transcriber to the TRX-2035 using the 3.5mm plug, you can easily transfer recordings and streamline your workflow.

Elevate your recording capabilities with the Telephone Recording Adapter VEC TRX-2035B. Whether you're a journalist, researcher, or business professional, this adapter is a must-have tool for capturing and preserving important phone conversations. Trust in its reliability and enjoy the convenience it offers.