Through the duration of a project, a contractor and his crew will make
countless trips to the job site, home office and sub contractor’s location.  Often, they do so
with detailed lists to remind either themselves or their workers what exact
tools, personnel and materials are needed on what dates.

With the use of digital dictation, technology, construction professionals can ensure they have a detailed record of what they needed, ordered and directed per job site.

Nothing is worse for a contractor than getting the wrong product, usually
unaware until they return tot he field. That costs them precious time in
having to correct the error and locate the point od communication breakdown.

With a digital voice recorder, professionals can record exactly the product
they need in great detail – from specifications down to physical appearance – to
make sure they make the right purchase the first time. This may also help later
on for contractors to compare their notes with receipts to produce accurate
expense documents.

Voice files can be sent from a laptop in the field, and a copy is retained for future review.  No longer will there be lost or misunderstood voice mails. 

Digital dictation tools and software, such as voice recorders and
transcription equipment, is available from American Dictation at The company’s website also has all the necessary tips and
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