Recently Nuance released the newest product in their lineup- Dragon Professional Individual 14 speech recognition.

Dragon Professioannl 14 Individual Version

Introducing Dragon Professional Individual 14

The newest version of their professional speech to text supports advanced commands, is Windows 10 compatible and seems to benefit from faster speed on our test computers. The biggest improvement may just be the support for the new Dragon Anywhere app which will allow robust speech recognition on your iPhone or Android device for the first time.

What is entirely new from Nuance is the availability of digital downloads as opposed to waiting for a disk, and a much lower price. When is the last time a newly released professional software included a significantly lower price? This should open up the audience for Dragon Professional 14 to those business people, insurance agents, construction supervisors and others who have been reluctant to pony up the money to improve their efficiency.

If a buyer opts for the digital download, there are a few minor caveats. Firstly, obviously there is no headset or microphone included, and secondly the digital download is not instantaneous. Nuance needs to process the order and send a license key and download link to the customer. This can take from a couple of hours to a full day.

This simpler, more affordable voice recognition option from Nuance is a huge step in the right direction, and sales have been brisk

To purchase your copy while prices are still low, click HERE.