In-house Transcription

Real-time job status

Team members can see the current status of each task in the process

Fewer emails

Dictations and transcripts are automatically routed between authors and typists

Connect your team

Team members can work together online for maximum productivity

How It Works

Record And Upload

Record audio directly in the web recorder or with our smartphone app, or upload existing recordings from a voice recorder

Process File

Sync your dictations automatically with the correct typist for in-house transcription, saving time in your workflow.


Receive Your Document

Transcripts are delivered and archived by SpeechLive, via a web browser, app, or email.


Fast Forward To Your Text File

Transcriptionists simply log into SpeechLive from any computer without

installing any additional software. SpeechLive allows you to access the worklist

and play back the recordings in your browser regardless of where you are.


In-browser player

Pause, fast forward and rewind as needed with the options integrated transcription player


Variable speed

Work effortlessly and productively, enabled by a player with variable playback and winding speed, as well as auto-backspace.



Receive alerts whenever new dictations are assigned, making sure no important jobs are missed.



Find dictations quicker and stay organized using the Worklist sort and filter options.


Foot pedal compatibility

Get typing done quicker by freeing up the typist’s hands with the foot pedal.


Automatic routing

Forward dictations to the correct typist automatically, making the process more efficient and error-free


Take the first step towards converting your speech to text with our super easy to use powerful software.