Dragon Medical speech recognition software is a sophisticated program used by many medical practitioners as an integral tool for creating and updating patient records.  To harness its full potential, a microphone such as the Dictaphone PowerMic II should  be used
to increase dragon productivity.

Designed specifically for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical, the PowerMic II
provides users with unmatched quality and  user customization.  The device was ergonomically designed with the user in mind, offering a simple single-hand thumb-control operation in order to effectively dictate into and EMR in a simple, intuitive manner.

Many speech recognition users do not understand that speech recognition applications require very high quality input to perform optimally.   The headset-microphone that comes with many Dragon NaturallySpeaking products plugs in to your computer’s sound card via a 3.5mm plug.  Therefore, your input quality is only as good as your internal sound card.  This can cause accuracy problems, especially when used with laptop or notebook computers, where the sound card is often small. lightweight, and low quality.

As the only handheld microphone developed by Nuance specifically for Dragon Medical, the programming of  the PowerMic II is made extremely simple by creating a tab in your Dragon software where you can easily choose what you would like each button to do.  This feature alone makes the PowerMic II a formidable competitor.

The PowerMic II’s integrated trackball, allows the practitioner to easily manipulate the cursor, allowing dictation into an EHR’s  multiple data fields.   This feature alone can increase dragon productivity dramatically.  The user does not need to manipulate the mouse, freeing up a hand for sorting through notes, or reviewing patient histories.

These features are conveniently bundled together in a sleek black casing that’s easy on both the eyes and the hand.

The device can be easily installed on PCs running most Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista and Window 7.   It utilizes a standard USB connection, ensuring immediate plug-and-play compatibility with the majority of computers.

Any Dragon Medical user, or those adding Dragon Medical to their stable of productivity tools should consider the PowerMic II a must have.  An user will increase their dragon productivity.

Additional information about the Dictaphone PowerMic II, or Dragon Medical can visit www.AmericanDictation.com or call 1-866-408-1383 to speak to one of the experts about your needs.