Professional Olympus Conference Recording

Olympus Conference Recording Kit , the 355 All in One


Record your conference or meeting with our new Olympus Conference Recording Kit.

Exclusive to American Dictation, this kit will allow you to produce meeting minutes or verbatim conference transcription in record time. Believe us – your typist will thank you.


Portable and Powerful

Olympus ME30W Conference Microphone Kit

Featuring the brand new, Olympus DS-3500 Stereo Recorder. This meeting recorder is metal framed for durability and can record thousands of hours of meetings using standard SD cards,

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Two-Channel Versatility

By placing the microphones on the conference table, you can record with true stereo separation. The included splitter, along with the “daisy chaining” ability of the Olympus boundary microphones, allows you to plug all microphones into a single stereo input jack on your recorder.

Hi-Fidelity Quality

Olympus ME33 MicrophoneThe table top boundary microphones in this kit are designed to clearly record voice at a distance. They are the perfect microphone for recording meetings, conferences, board meetings, and more, even in large rooms with many attendees.

Microphone sensitivity is rated at -35 dB at 1 kHz.

Suggested Accessories

Need to type or transcribe your meetings? Whether word for word, or just used to produce meeting minutes, the Olympus AS-7000 is the answer. Full foot control of your recording makes playback a breeze.

Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

Olympus AS-7000 Transcription KitThe Olympus AS 7000 is the industry standard in convenience and reliability. Whether a professional transcriptionist, or a part time municipal volunteer, this transcription kit is a joy to use.