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Microcassette & Mini cassette eraser ME-20

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Microcassette & Mini cassette eraser ME-20. Save your recorder and tapes  Improve quality with dedicated magnetic tape eraser. For both micro and mini cassettes.

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Microcassette & Mini cassette eraser ME-20

The Microcassette & Mini cassette eraser ME-20will last for years since it uses magnets to perform the job correctly.

Never reached your tapes on the recorder transcription machine. It will prematurely wear your microcassette are mini-cassettes and cause audio distortion.

This Microcassette & Mini cassette eraser ME-20 has powerful magnets on both sides. This helps insure a complete erasure every time. Slide the cassette back and forth through the opening a few times and completely erase your tapes for the next use. Saves wear on the recorder’s drive mechanism from erasing cassettes in the recorder.

At American Dictation, we would never recommend using the delicate internals of your cassette recorder or transcriber to erase tapes.  If the recorder or transcriber wears out, you will likely not be able to find parts or replacements.

Use the Microcassette & Mini cassette eraser ME-20 instead and consider it cheap insurance.


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